The loneliest man

We all remember that Olympic game between Belarus and Sweden. We all remember wondering how on earth Belarus won. We all remember watching the fourth Belarus goal which Tommy Salo allowed in the most unspectacular fashion. Most still shake their heads. I certainly do.

For those of you who don’t remember:

It still isn’t easy to watch that all these years later.

Corey Crawford ventured into the realm of fail tonight on Kevin Klein’s third goal of the year when he allowed a bouncing knuckle puck off the post and in the net behind him. I know some of you will want to say “But…but…it was bouncing like crazy!” and this is true. However, last I checked NHL goalies shouldn’t be letting these ones past them under any circumstances. I suspect Mr. Crawford will jolt awake tonight in a cold sweat to the sound of a clanking post since this is just ugly for a goalie.

Oh, you want to see video of this ridiculous Klein goal? Well, have a look then.

This goal is a big one for Kevin given that it now puts him within striking distance of his career high of four in a season. For those of you who wish to know my expert fantasy opinion of him: Don’t. Unless of course your league is very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY deep.