Ference will be sitting for a little while methinks

Another day, another controversial hit in the NHL. For those of you sick of reading about these, I can assure you I’m sick of writing about them. I literally have no idea what it’s going to take to cut these moronic hits out of the game. With this Andrew Ference/Ryan McDonagh incident coming up, a red line wouldn’t solve it, softer pads wouldn’t solve it, it’s as simple as a guy (Ference) needs to slow up and not bury the guy whose nameplate he’s reading.

For what it’s worth, Ference has owned up to it since the incident itself and acknowledged that he needs to pull up in those situations. From a story on NHL.com:

“I’m obviously going as fast as I can to try and get to the puck,” said Ference, who acknowledged he might be facing supplemental discipline. “I realized I wasn’t going to get there first, he boxed me out, I tried to lean back, but I was going too fast. Obviously it was a dangerous position, so I tried to let up and didn’t let up fast enough.”

As I’m sure you can all imagine, John Tortorella wasn’t too thrilled with the hit and thinks Ference ought to be suspended. I think it’s pretty hard to argue with what he said post-game to Chris Botta of the New York Times:

“It’s one of the most dangerous hits I have seen in a while,” Rangers Coach John Tortorella told reporters after the game. “Nothing has to be said, as far as what has to be done.”

As far as McDonagh goes, he “grabbed his head” several times and “had difficulty breathing” while he was on the ice according to Botta’s story. He made it off the ice with the assistance of a trainer and didn’t return. There hasn’t been any update on his condition as of yet.

Take a look at the hit.

At this point all that can be said is that Ference needs to be suspended and we hope McDonagh returns to action without any ill effects in the near future.

The Bruins fans defending the Ference hit as “clean” on twitter need to give their head a serious shake and realize there are bigger things than what team you cheer for. Quite frankly, McDonagh is lucky he didn’t have to be stretchered off the ice. It would be a real shame if McDonagh, one of the most underrated solid young defensemen in the league, had to miss extensive playing time because of this unnecessary play.

The Bruins have called up Steven Kampfer in anticipation of Ference sitting out.