Good news, everyone: Pizzo and I avoided talking about disgusting injuries today.

Instead, we chose to talk about Zbynek Michalek’s involvement in multiple disciplinary hearings this afternoon (on both sides), Andrew Ference’s involvement in one, the Anaheim Ducks making playoffs (which is a thing that will happen), ESPN’s top 25 players under 25 (what, no Tavares?), Philly’s concussion issues and more.

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  1. From an Isles diehard, thanks for the Greenberg/Tavares/Howie Rose shout-out. Your measured, rational reaction was much appreciated (hell, even mentioning the incident was much appreciated). I have to say, though, that you left out the best part of Howie’s rant: when he continues calling the play, and refers to JT as “the marginally talent Mr. Tavares” in one last jab at Greenberg. A final cherry on the Howie Rose banana split.

    Great podcast as always–keep up the good work!

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