According to writer Joe Haggerty, when the Boston Bruins were granted the privilege of visiting the White House and meeting the President today, Tim Thomas took a pass.

He’s a Republican, you see.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll pass this on: I’m a pretty left-leaning guy, politically.

Also in the interest of full disclosure: I’d have been pumped to go to the White House to meet George W. Bush a handful of years ago.

I’m not exactly sure what statement Thomas was trying to make by not meeting the President – while I disagree with Republicans on a lot of issues, I’m still able to enjoy them and chat with them about our differences, which I think is generally healthy. This “hold out” of sorts, if it is that, however….doesn’t seem so healthy. writer (amongst many other outlets) Slava Malamud is one of my favourite Twitter follows for a number of reasons (rarely are well respected, widely read, smart guys so uncensored), and man, is he not cool with Thomas’ decision today.

I’ll let him take it from here: Mr. Malamud, your thoughts on Tim Thomas not showing up to the White House today? (Note: remember, these are his opinions, not mine.)


Well then.

Also eviscerating Thomas: our own Ryan Lambert. Example:



Before anything goes too far on the Thomas-backlash front, Boston writer Joe Haggerty offered this simple “wait and see” message for us all on Twitter:


So, we’ll find out more soon enough.

What’s your take? Think Thomas was trying to make a statement? If so, did it make any sense?


(Update: Joe Haggerty on the nuts and bolts of the Thomas situation.)