If selected, you’re still allowed to participate in the NHL All-Star Game when you you’re suspended.

That’s exactly the scenario for Alex Ovechkin right now, who’s suspended three days for jump-hitting the crap out of Zbynek Michalek of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

He’s still allowed to play in the game, he’s just not going to, presumably because he’s upset at his suspension. Geez, all these hold-out protests these days.

Personally, I think that’s stupid. I consider the All-Star game an honor, I’d be very proud to be a part of the League, and they have every right to suspend me as they do everyone else. And for the record, I didn’t think the hit was worth anywhere near three games, but like bad calls on the ice, you live with them.

Here’s an interesting exchange between two intelligent people on the subject, both of whom make good points. Take it away, Adam Proteau of The Hockey News, and the man behind the @DragLikePull Twitter account:





See guys? You can disagree and be reasonable on Twitter.

As I’ve already stated, I agree with Adam Proteau on this one, but maybe that’s just because I hold the NHL in such high regard.

Right or wrong, it’s a shame. We lost one of the main reasons people look forward to the event, all because the NHL had the audacity to ask Ovechkin to not turn his body into a missle.

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  1. Sorry, but he should have gotten more. Nicely elucidated here:

    Scott Burnside: Well, I think you’re dead wrong on the Ovechkin thing, but that’s not the first time I’ve believed that of you. Guy jumps into the air — that’s an obvious no-no — and he hits another guy in the head when the puck is long gone — another no-no — and he’s a repeat offender. Uhm, five games minimum, but if you want to be a catalyst for change you have to do something other than the status quo, and a three-game knock for the loose-cannon captain of the Caps (a little alliteration for you this morning) isn’t going to change much, sadly.

    • I thought he wasn’t considered a repeat offender since it has been over 18 months since his last suspension?

    • He shouldn’t be considered a repeat offender since it’s been over 18 months since his last suspension. Also, you might want to look at the suspension after noting that they didn’t give Michalek one (for a lame reason, in my opinion, but then again, I’m a Caps fan, so bias has to be taken into account). It kinda sends the wrong message, yes?

      • So, technically not a repeat, but he has been suspended before, and fined.

        Also re Michalek. It’s more than a little different.

        He didn’t leave his feet.
        He did it as part of a play on the puck.
        He’s never been suspended, or fined, ever.

  2. I don’t believe Ovechkin’s “widdle feelings are hurt.” I think he a) is pissed off over getting a three game suspension and b) given a), does not want the annoying and negative media attention, especially at what is supposed to be a happy party NHL fan fest. Plus, he just bought a new $4.2 million home … needs time to move in, get FiOS installed, break the place in by banging his hot girlfriend in every empty room. Yep, he’ll be chillaxing, resting, and will come back after the ASG break and suspension with a major chip on his shoulder. He’ll outscore (goals and points) everyone post ASG to end of regular season.

    • I almost forgot about his new house, lol. I’m sure he’ll have a lot of fun, in his own words, “chillin’” :)

  3. I think it’s pretty reasonable that Ovi doesn’t want to go.
    Considering that the league didn’t suspend Michalek, and that Ovi, GMGM and Ted Leonsis all didn’t agree with the length of the suspension, he has a good reason for not wanting to go. Like GMGM said, we all know that most of the questions are going to be about the suspension, and why would you want to face that over and over again for a day when you know you can avoid it?
    Also, one can look at it this way: if you’re suspended without pay, do you really want to go to an event that would simply raise more money for the league? (Not saying that that’s my opinion, just that I’ve seen others say this).
    The All-Star game is an honor, and like we’ve seen for the past five years, Ovi’s loved it,and I’m sure he would have loved it this year as well. But in light of all that’s happened, I’m not going to freak out if he’s gonna skip it for one year. There are always highlights from the previous years :)

  4. I’m sure it’s a combination of factors. 1) the lack of discipline to Michalek makes no sense. 2) Why not make the time in to a vacation. 3) Borque gets only 2 extra games for what could easily be interpreted as intent to injure (it worked). 4) I agree with previous commenters…you have every right to suspend him, just don’t expect him to show up for an event for which he is the most (only?) entertaining personality.

  5. He was suspended for three regular season games, not from attending his workplace (ie.practices, etc..) or participating in league/franchise events.

    I assume this means the league will tack another game on since he’s not injured?

    • The league’s already said they understand his decision and aren’t going to punish him for skipping.

  6. “We lost one of the main reasons people look forward to the event” – given that it’s already debatable how many people care about the All Star Game, this point is particularly relevant in my eyes.

    It’s pretty disappointing the NHL will allow one of its poster boys to skip the event as some sort of pouty reaction to being suspended for something which was his own doing ultimately…

  7. Everyone keeps labeling him as a “repeat offender.” In terms of the NHL’s eyes, he shouldn’t be. The previous suspensions & fines shouldn’t have affected Shanahan’s ruling. It has been over 18 months since he was suspended last. Or am I missing something.

    I think he should have been suspended for the hit. Honestly, 3 games is fine by me. I don’t have a problem with it. But, if the “repeat offender” status played into Shanahan’s decision, it shouldn’t have.

  8. He’s always come off as a bit of a selfish me-me-me type of guy, and this just wreaks of his pouty attitude all over again. If this was a different player with a better rep for being a class guy, i’d be more willing to sympathize and believe the excuse. Unfortunately, with Ovechkin, i just flat out don’t believe him. What i do believe is that he’s pissed off about being suspended and this is his way of sticking it to the NHL. You suspend me, then i’m not coming to your party. It’s grade school drama and it’s pretty lame.

  9. So at what point do these hyper macho testosterone rockets start to wear their suspensions as some sort of self proclaimed honorifics? With the way they are being handed out I can see before long that you will be considered a wimp if you don’t have at least one suspension to your credit!

  10. The ASG these days have become an optional event if the stars feel like going. Given that I really don’t care who shows up regardless of the excuse.

  11. What kind of message would it send for the NHL to force him to go? In messaging the game to the youth don’t you want the little ones to be able to look up to all the All Stars as examples of how to best play the game?
    The NHL obvisously doesn’t like the physical way that Ovi plays and it would be hypocritical for them to turn a blind eye to his “repeat offender” status as Shanahan opined in the suspension video. It’s a lose-lose for everyone.

  12. The All Star Game, while an honor to be chosen, is a Joke. I think players that have done it a bunch would rather have the rest for the stretch run.

    I’m with Ovy on this one.

  13. If he doesn’t want to go, then so be it. Anyone who has ever seen him play in the all-star game should realize that he is one of the “fun” ones who plays. He plays hard, but with the clear intent of enjoying the even. So he is probably not happy about going – but stands firm on his commitment to the rules of the game. He IS suspended. He will sit out the time and come back and play like Ovi plays. Anyone who doesn’t follow the Caps doesn’t see the day-to-day challenges that are the Caps – and right now, Ovi, more than anything is frustrated that he isn’t leading his team to the next level.

  14. All of this is utter, utter crap: 1) this type of hit happens nightly 2) he doesn’t have to nor should he go and the “pouting” is inference, not fact and 3) the all-star game has been irrelevant since fan balloting hijacked the process.

    In my opinion the league is going south partly because it is becoming reactionary (as opposed to proactive such as equipment changes) to the increase in head injuries. I’m not saying no suspension (but 3 games?) and not defending OV but now Shanahan has put himself in a position where virtually every player this side of the Lady Byng will be suspended – or should have been – at some point this year. He’s in over his head, anyone would be, because interpretation is subjective. As such, it shouldn’t be in the hands of one guy but rather by committee. He is doing no better, and I feel worse, than Campbell. And the fact is, the game just seems to be getting wussified. On the plus side, a lot of guys from the AHL are getting a chance to play they may never have otherwise with all the injuries and suspensions.

  15. Stand your ground OV..the league is getting more wack by the minute…this all star games roster idea sucks …i dont think ill even watch…soooooooooooo wack….wheres east vs west??? north america vs world?? why the hell are fans picking bullshit teams??ohhh yeahhhh
    MONEYYY..hahaha what a joke

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