If selected, you’re still allowed to participate in the NHL All-Star Game when you you’re suspended.

That’s exactly the scenario for Alex Ovechkin right now, who’s suspended three days for jump-hitting the crap out of Zbynek Michalek of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

He’s still allowed to play in the game, he’s just not going to, presumably because he’s upset at his suspension. Geez, all these hold-out protests these days.

Personally, I think that’s stupid. I consider the All-Star game an honor, I’d be very proud to be a part of the League, and they have every right to suspend me as they do everyone else. And for the record, I didn’t think the hit was worth anywhere near three games, but like bad calls on the ice, you live with them.

Here’s an interesting exchange between two intelligent people on the subject, both of whom make good points. Take it away, Adam Proteau of The Hockey News, and the man behind the @DragLikePull Twitter account:





See guys? You can disagree and be reasonable on Twitter.

As I’ve already stated, I agree with Adam Proteau on this one, but maybe that’s just because I hold the NHL in such high regard.

Right or wrong, it’s a shame. We lost one of the main reasons people look forward to the event, all because the NHL had the audacity to ask Ovechkin to not turn his body into a missle.