When the Boston Bruins went to the White House to be honored and meet the President yesterday (DID YOU GUYS KNOW TIM THOMAS DIDN’T GO), some were bound to be feel a little bit less-than-perfect. Your body just feels that way by mid-season.

However, none of their injuries were as plain to see as that of the senior democrat from Massachusetts, John Kerry.

From ThePostGame.com:

Kerry, 68, suffered two black eyes and a broken nose during a “friendly game of hockey” with family and buddies over the Christmas break, according to TheHill.com. If that’s the result of a friendly game, we don’t want to be a part of an unfriendly one.

That’s so awesome. Just playin’ a lil’ puck at 68, no big deal.

And of course, a little political humour on the topic from TheHill.com:

“He must feel like Mitt Romney after South Carolina,” Kerry spokeswoman Whitney Smith told the Boston Globe when confirming the injury. Mitt Romney lost the South Carolina primary vote last weekend after a surprise surge by GOP rival Newt Gingrich.


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  1. Ok, so that ups my opinion of Kerry. I dont care what a guy’s politics is if he’s a hockey guy.

    And by that jersey, I think we have the 21st century hockey equilivant of Mr Zero.

  2. I had read somewhere that he plays. Wasn’t sure how serious he was or if it was just blue-collar posturing. Very cool.

    BTW, I play in a league with a couple of 70+ year olds. They are gamers. Age doesn’t have to slow you down.

  3. Nose job. He’s a serial plastic surgery recipient.

  4. Why do I feel like cookies after this post?

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