Tuesday nights for me are spent at the arena,  not playing in  an actual rec league, but good old fashioned shinny. Dark jerseys on one side, lights in the other, drop the puck and go. It’s great times with great people but it’s still hockey, so no matter how friendly it is there is still some trash talking. Hockey players of all levels chirp on the ice for many different reasons: to brag, humiliate, break down, distract, threaten, or just plain make people within earshot laugh (a great chirp contains an element of each). Last night after scoring a goal, I was skating to the bench when a friend of mine named Kevin paid tribute to one of the greatest recorded chirps in NHL history. With four words, he took away the little joy I had from scoring the goal:

You’re a f*cking superstar Bellows

If you recognize the quote, you are probably laughing right now. If you have never heard it before, you probably think it sounds like a compliment. Trust me, it’s not! Because most amazing chirps between players contains some “interesting” language, we as fans rarely got to hear them (HBO’s 24/7 is changing that, but more on them later) . When a player is mic’ed up, we heard the safe “lets go boys” sound clip. Somehow an absolute gem slipped trough the cracks years ago and found its way to the glorious internet. Even if you have seen this video a million times, I can guarantee you will still click on it again. If this is your first time, I envy the wave of humour that you will be hit with.

(WARNING- this is definitely NSFW. Actually if there was a NSFW index, this would be the highest level it could be without actual boobs involved.  Throw on some ear buds if you are near sensitive employees, your mother, or Brian Bellows. )

Still think Kevin’s chirp was complimentary? Kevin Stevens and Bryan Trottier are relentless. This clip is so foul, and uses so many politically incorrect terms and words that Archie Bunker would have blushed.

Its not the only one we have been lucky enough to have heard, here are a few more of my favourites:
(JUMP TO 1:06)

There is that threaten chirp I was talking about earlier. Its tough to worry about where you should be on the ice when you also have to worry about “getting it”.

Because of HBO 24/7, we are seeing more uncensored on-ice chirps, but its Brad Richards response that makes this one so good

Sistito is throwing out the same old threats surrounded by F-Bombs, Richards shut him up with 4 amazing words “Fantasy Camp for you”. I love it.

Even back-up goalies get into the act

I think Biron is hilarious, and he has another great chirp on Crosby (I couldn’t find the video anywhere) where he mocks him for whining . I love that Biron relishes in the back-up role and still chirps guys from the bench.

And finally…this one does not involve any words, but the great Patrick Roy chirps with his eye after a big save on Tomas Sandstrom

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