The last one

When you’ve got a $7.4 million cap hit, you’re expected to come up with some sort of production. Players with figures in this realm include Marian Gaborik, Shea Weber and *tada* Scott Gomez. Now, if you were to pick any three of those players who would it be? I’d take Weber. I’m sure a few of you nice folk would take Gaborik. Does anyone take Gomez? Highly doubtful.

Well, I don’t blame anyone for not taking Scott Gomez because he hasn’t scored an NHL goal since February 5, 2011. Seriously. Scott Gomez is paid $7.4 million a year to score less goals this season than a group of players which includes Cam Ward (Goaltender), Brett Lebda (No words), Colton Orr (Waived) and Paul Bissonnette (Twitter legend, Press Box inhabitant). There are also many other ludicrous names on this list. People who have as many goals as Scott Gomez include me, you, every other blogger on this blog, every commenter, and pretty much every person you run into on the street.

February freaking 5th of the year 2011. Proof:

A beauty, truly.

Some of you may be wondering: Exactly how long has it been since his last goal? We KNOW the day, let’s talk minutes and seconds. Well, now there is a service to let you know.

I for one would hate if Gomez scored against Detroit this week to totally take the thunder away from this site. It is absolutely amazing. FYI, Scotty is under contract until 2013-14.

Cap tip to Chris Rossetti who notified me of this site’s existence. New homepage.