In Soviet Russia, puck stop you

The Ilya Bryzgalov-Sergei Bobrovsky duel for playing time has been compelling to say the least. Not only has Bryzgalov revealed himself to be really, really out there since going to a team people actually follow while leaving his production in the sunshine, Bobrovsky has been quietly stellar and has really earned the starting gig in Philly.

Luckily, someone else on this blog has explored this topic.

On a much more light-hearted note, Sergei Bobrovsky won over the hearts and minds of fans of both Philadelphia hockey and art with his interpretive dance after a win against the Panthers. How is this interpretive? He interpreted happiness, whimsy and sport into one dance.

I recommend techno music and the replay button to make this a real gem.

How great was that?

The best part is that Bryzgalov is now trying to figure out how Bob’s arm shuffle impacted the greater spatial balance of the galaxy. Mind. Blown.