Chara...Lupul... wait...what?

You know those moments of pure shock that catch you at inopportune times? Like when a friend of mine had a girl he had known for three months talk about them getting married. I’m not sure what his reaction was other than running out of that room, but had he had a beverage in his mouth it would have likely ended up all over the walls after a projectile reflex.

Carey Price came pretty close to that tonight when two guys he wouldn’t expect to make him their All-Star goalie made him their All-Star goalie. Price had clearly just taken a swig of something or other and wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself after the selection. After some general indecisiveness, Price makes his way to the podium to collect his jersey.

“Will you be our All-Star goaltender?…After Tim Thomas?” – Chara and Lupul

What an odd sequence of events for Carey. First he finds himself entranced in conversation with supposed enemies (and future all-star teammates) Dion Phaneuf and Jarome Iginla before bowing out of respect in front of Zdeno Chara and taking a blue jersey. Based on his body movements I wouldn’t be shocked if he had a few too many “waters” as well.

Keep being you, Carey Price. Keep being you. Also, don’t forget to like Backhand Shelf on Facebook. That would be cool.

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  1. Clearly we’ve entered some alternate universe where Carey Price is better than Jimmy Howard

  2. lol well he did just beat the wings 7-2…

  3. Zach- the thing is, Carey Price IS better than Jimmy Howard… maybe not this year (Howard’s having an exceptional season), but overall and throughout their respective careers, Price has better stats.
    Also consider that Price has previous ASG experience (having allowed ‘only’ 5 goals in his two previous appearances) so that plays in his favor. Lastly, both Chara and Lupul are used to playing against him, a lot, and to being stonewalled by him, a lot. Hence for them, he’s the better goalie.

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