A man on an island

There’s something painfully awkward about Phil Kessel that made last year’s NHL All-Star draft so uncomfortable to watch. There he was, sitting there, with that awkward grin on a folding chair. It was like that guy on a subway who’s just kind of looking around that nobody wants to sit next to. There’s no reason why you don’t want to sit with them, you just don’t. Clearly, Phil is not an extrovert and it showed. Class clown Alexander Ovechkin giggling and taking pictures of Kessel being uncomfortable in his own skin clearly exacerbated the situation.

Fast forward one year and Logan Couture really put Phil the Thrill to shame. It helps that Couture is not off to a bad start with the Ottawa Senators faithful because he plays for a team that is largely anonymous (unfortunately) to Canadian hockey fans, but he also has the swagger to make up for the uncomfortable situation. Plus, no class clown taking pictures of him which helps.

Social competence aside, here’s the vid of Logan Couture accepting his Mr. Irrelevant trophy (read: car) in style.

It’s not the first time I’ve witnessed Couture drop unusually low on a draft board. Let’s not forget the 2005 OHL Priority Draft when Couture was selected 12th by the Ottawa 67′s. This, of course, came after much speculation that he would be a shoe-in for first overall before one John Tavares was granted eligibility. Getting drafted just isn’t Logan’s thing I guess.

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  1. That Honda Crosstour is one seriously ugly car. Honestly. They’re giving that out to a rich, young, probably pretty hip athlete and the best they can manage is this repulsive POS? That’s a complete fail from a marketing standpoint – how hard would it have been to hand him over a Civic SI or Accord Coupe? it’s not like all Honda models are ugly.

    Other than that, good on Couture for being a good sport about it and having a sense of humor.

  2. Xzibit: Yo Dawg, I herd you wanted to pimp your ride. Being that you play for the Sharks I threw a shark fin on the roof. And yo grill, it got some serious bite now if you know what I mean. Let’s open the trunk. Yeah thats right, we put a tank in that ish and filled them with sharks. Check out the interior, yo. Forget leather, you have shark skin seats. That ride is PIMPIN’.

  3. “Hey, check out that Blonde. She’s hot”-Pat Kane on Steven Stamkos

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