Hey, welcome to the All-Star break!

As a head’s up: tonight Chris Lund will be posting updates on the draft, so like most Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights, the Shelf will be active.

Half the season is gone, so we figured it was time to reflect a little bit on the first 50 games or so and look at the saves of the year. There’s been some dandies – hope you enjoy.

So what do you think – did we get the order right?

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  1. Agree for the most part!

    Think the Varlamov save should have made it over Brodeur’s 3 stop sequence: http://youtu.be/Hy7QwIjbmUw

    And IMO the Mike Smith on Datsyuk’s move that’s never been stopped before was slighty better than his one on Gaborik (less scarmbe, more in control, looked great. Doesn’t take away from Gaborik stop though):

    There’s been so many gems so far, it’s tough to narrow it down to 10!

  2. sorry to be a nitpick, but the wrong backstrom was used, Niklas, not Nicklas

  3. How you guys can have a goalie highlight reel that doesn’t include Henrik Lundqvist OR Jonathan Quick yet mentions Fatty Brodeur twice is beyond me.

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