Pre-hugging it out

I feel like the Boston Bruins locker room is a pretty interesting place, no? What a bizarre clash of personalities. Between Tim Thomas and his bomb shelter blueprints (I kid, I kid), Tuukka Rask’s temper, Shawn Thornton chirping everyone, Brad Marchand taking out people’s knees, and the rest of that sitcom worthy cast it would be a lot of fun. Somewhere a 24/7 producer is re-thinking a Bruins-free Winter Classic.

Tonight the Bruins showed that they all love each other after all. They’re all going to be playing for Team Chara, and don’t seem to be holding any grudges about where they were picked. And by “they” aren’t holding grudges, I mean Tyler Seguin isn’t holding a grudge despite being one of the last players picked. While I’m sure some people would be a little ticked off that they were drafted after Kimmo “Freaking” Timonen (I kid, I kid), Seguin is not. Why? He and Chara opted to hug it out.


Of course, as we all know, hugging it out with Tyler Seguin is, for Zdeno Chara, the equivalent to putting on a really tight fitting and poorly groomed belt. Hug it out, indeed.

Also, like Backhand Shelf.