Chara laughs at you, not with you

It’s no secret that Zdeno Chara isn’t exactly the Chad Ochocinco of the NHL. Not only does he lack the general grasp of English that is required to be sassy, he seems like a generally rigid and no-nonsense type of guy. As a team captain, you better believe he doesn’t appreciate people messing with his teammates. He probably doesn’t enjoy jokes at Tim Thomas’ expense too much. He probably really dislikes being the Mother Hen when Tyler Seguin goes out for a night on the town. The latter isn’t so important here.

However, like the age-old saying, what Chara doesn’t understand can’t hurt him and it holds true in this press conference exchange. When asked if his reluctance to draft “all right wingers” will prevent him from drafting Timmy Thomas, Chara is left with no words for you to mull. In fact he may has well have dropped a Tortorella-esque “Okay, see ya” on his way out of the room. Unlike Torts, I feel like Chara just didn’t quite grasp it enough to drop the mic.

See for yourselves.

You have to admit, there’s something downright adorable about someone that enormous – someone who could rip the desk off the table and throw it at the press because you won’t like him when he’s angry – so downright confused by a question.

Thomas was just about as in-depth with his answers as well:

All this being said, when asked if he liked Backhand Shelf on Facebook Chara said, “Yes.”