It looks like a really bad video game glitch

I’m going to come out and say it: Carey Price seems like a really cool dude, and should probably rocket up the Backhand Shelf Beerability Index for his All-Star Skills Competition performance. Not only was Price fairly entertaining on the mic for CBC viewers, he came up with some pretty entertaining save attempts as well.

He Tebowed, he covered his face and flipped his stick, he captured the imagination of a nation. My favorite Carey Price save (SAVE) came against Sean Couturier. Not only did Price stop the puck – a requirement of a successful save – he did so facing the end boards and watching Couturier off of the reflection of the glass a la Wayne Gretzky.

Face the screen and watch.

Sources close to Backhand Shelf have informed me that Scott Gomez is now requesting that he never leave Montreal. Gomez fears that if Price could stop Couturier without looking, he has no hope of scoring ever again if he’s playing for another team.