With the world concerned over what ridiculousness would transpire at the Shootout contest in this weekend’s Skills Competition as the absence of Alex Ovechkin was duly noted, a couple folks delivered in style in what was a generally pretty dull and slow contest.

Patrick Kane was a favorite to win some folks over as we’ve all seen his capacity for ludicrous dangling. He didn’t disappoint either with what seemed to be a Dwight Howard inspired Superman move, fully equipped with a set of Clark Kent glasses and cape.

Take a look.

Not to be outdone, Corey Perry, who wowed people with his lacrosse/former London Knight teammate Robbie Schremp inspired puck moves. These weren’t the ones which impressed though as what started as a Slap Shot-esque strip fest ended with Perry pulling out a mini stick and scoring on Brian Elliott.

Well, Backhand Shelfers? Which was better: Kane’s Superman or Perry’s mini stick?

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  1. Not sure how this is entertaining unless you’re 6 years old

    • Cynicism on the internet? That’s almost as novel as sarcasm in the comment section of a blog post.

    • I think the majority of people who attend these things are 6 year olds. You know what they say, ‘simple minds, simple pleasures’.

  2. I personally enjoyed Perry’s more. It was more creative and original. Not to mention, everyone can relate to playing Mini Sticks in the basement as a kid, so bringing that element to the ASG Comp is pretty awesome.

  3. Perry’s was pretty stale. He didn’t really do anything with it; it’s like using props in a dunk contest to make a simple dunk look better than it is. Although, neither one of them looked to impressive scoring on an empty net. Elliot was laying in on pretty thick with that performance.

  4. Carey Price won the breakaway challenge. Hands down.

    But between these two, I have to go with Perry. The lacrosse moves were pretty slick, but the mini-stick goal was inspired. While Kane was entertaining and the Superman cape was a nice touch for the “flying” goal and the “super-strength” breaking the puck, I preferred Perry’s creativity.

    • I more or less totally agree with this assessment. Price was the star here.

      FWIW people need to lighten up and have fun with this stuff. It’s totally dumb, yes, but I’ll take it over more concussion drama, cheap shots, and players so stiff it’s any wonder they can skate.

      All-Star weekend/the Skills competition is cool because the whole point is hockey fun and you actually get to see what these guys are like when they don’t have their media face on. Lighten up, gang.

  5. Win goes to Kaner for the sole reason I could see a guy scoring a goal after being hooked down like that on a breakaway, assuming its Luongo in goal.

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