108.8 MPH

Just when you think he can’t do it any better, he outdoes himself big time. It was pretty cool last year when Zdeno Chara set the record for hardest shot with a 105.9 MPH blast and everyone wondered if someone outside of the KHL could beat the mark. As it turns out, Shea Weber did with a 106 MPH shot in the competition. That would have been really cool, except Zdeno Chara made that look like some sort of mini-stick wrist shot.

Chara brought the house down with a whole set of bombs that he decided to drop on Ottawa one shot after another. Every single attempt he put on net broke his record which was set a year ago. Every. Single. One. In the order they appeared: 106.2 mph, 108.8 mph, 106.9 mph, 107 mph. That’s really, really, really fast. For those of you who are metrically inclined, this translates to 175 km/h. Insane.

Take a look.

If I’m a defenceman or Boston Bruin I’m wearing re-inforced skates until the day Big Z hangs em up.