All-Star Weekend is sort of the unoffical halfway point on the NHL schedule, despite being a little past the real one. It’s the last chance for guys to grab a few days rest, take a deep breath, and prepare for the push to playoffs where every team’s defence is a little tighter, everyone’s chemistry is a little better, and every thing matters just a little bit more.

So, it’s seems like a good time for a little reflection:

We give you, the top 10 goals of the 2011-2012 season.

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  1. Having two Stars in the top 10 is very satisfying– I can’t help but feel like the last time that would have happened would have been during the Bobby Smith years, had anyone been doing top 10s back then. And that Tavaras move is kick ass.

  2. My take on “beerability”:
    It seems to me that the one most important factor involved would be experience, Sure, there are some young “fun guys’ in the league right now, but when it comes down to filling out the super important BS factor, nothing speaks louder than a guy that has the battle scars and the stories that go with them.
    Now you have to add in the all important “Sense of humor” factor, without which, those battle stories end up dead in the water!
    Justin should be an expert on this subject as his old man is a certified hall of fame member of the “beerability” community.
    I was the Chef at Sturgeon Hall in Kelowna and am proud to call Bob Bourne a good friend. There is a spot at the end of the bar at “Sturg” called “Liars Corner” and there we spent many a wonderful afternoon shooting the shit about hockey.
    Bob is a very humble man, the kind of person not ready to hold fort and shove his 4 Stanley Cup exploits down your throat whilst he regales you with his on-ice heroics.
    But given enough of the golden nectar, Bob would be kind enough to share some of the funny stories of his career with us and usually leave us hanging by our elbows from the bar and trying not to let the beer escape back through our nostrils!
    What Bob has is the ability to tell the story with so much humor, but retaining the class that the people involved deserve, you find yourself so engrossed in the tale that you can almost smell the sweat of the dressing room, get a sense of the agony of the poor bastard whose fate he is describing, that when the punch line of the story finally comes, you hope there is a peramedic with a crash cart somewhere nearby!
    I moved to switzerland in August and the one thing I miss most about Kelowna is the great afternoons sitting around Liars Corner and the awesomeness that is Bob Bourne’s “Beerability”
    A few times with Bob, Justin and Dave Semenko I have had to erase from my memory so I don’t just start crying with laughter in public!
    That IS Beerability!

  3. Interesting that 3 of the top 10 goals were scored on the Caps…and def glad to see both Benn & Nystrom’s goals there – Go Stars!

  4. Were numbers one and two in the same game? Guess it would make sense, seeing as Johnson v. Varlamov ought to be a scoring fest…

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