Jason Spezza has taken more faceoffs than anyone in the NHL, and it’s not even close.

He’s taken 1131, while Eric Staal is second with 1079 and Tomas Plecanec is third after taking 997 (despite being below .500).

Spezza’s taken that many draws despite being 15th in time-on-ice for centermen, likely thanks to his winning percentage of 54.1%.


The New Jersey Devils have three players in the top-10 for shootout-goals-scored.

Which is likely why they have the most shootout games won, with eight.

Ilya Kovalchuk is 7 for 8, Zach Parise is 6 for 10, and Patrick Elias is 4 for 7.


Defenseman Erik Karlsson is second in the NHL in assists, trailing Henrik Sedin by only one.

 And people are mentioning his name in the Norris conversation. Quite the year the kid’s having. Quite the promising future.


Six of the top nine players in plus/minus are Boston Bruins.

Despite what you may think of plus/minus as an indicator of play, you have to admit that’s pretty impressive. That includes the top three (Seguin +34, Chara +27 and Bergeron +26), but doesn’t include another two they have in the top 17 names. So yeah…their goal differential is okay.


The Detroit Red Wings have more wins (and points) than any other team in the NHL….and are below .500 on the road.

Take from that what you want: “holy hell they’re good at home” or “holy hell they’re bad on the road,” but those are the numbers. 13-14-0 on the road, and 20-2-1 (!) at home.


The top 65 names of time-on-ice leaders are all defenseman…except for Ilya Kovalchuk, who comes in at 16th, playing a couple seconds under 25 minutes a game.

You have to go back to the third page on that NHL.com list before you find another forward, his teammate Zach Parise at 66th.


 The Montreal Canadiens have not won a single overtime/shootout game at home this year despite going to OT seven times.

They’re really finding new and creative ways to kick their fans while they’re down, aren’t they?


The Los Angeles Kings are only remotely decent offensively during the second period.

No team has scored less goals than them in the first period of hockey games – 21 goals in 50 games played. No team has scored less goals than them in the third period of hockey games – 32 goals in 50 games played.

But in the second… they’re a reasonable 7th, with 51 in 50 games.


 Teams sitting in or near home ice positions for playoffs tend to take a lot of penalties.

The top six teams in PIMS-per-game: Boston (15.9), Philadelphia (15.5), Ottawa (14.2), Vancouver (13.9), NY Rangers (13.7), St. Louis (13.3).

The real outlier as always: Detroit – they’re 29th (well, 2nd really) with a paltry 8.4. Only Phoenix has less (7.9).


Eric Johnson of the Colorado Avalanche is the 1%.

Not a whole lot of puck luck for Johnson. He’s shot the puck on goal 100 times this year. He has one goal, good for dead last in NHL shooting percentage.