Some days the internet is a wonderful place to be. Some days not, of course, but if I’m introducing this to you for the first time, then today is one of those wonderful ones.

I believe I stumbled across this site somewhere in a Harrison Mooney edition of Puck Daddy’s “Puck Headlines,” and since then, I’ve been rapt.

That one sad guy ( features only pictures of hockey goal celebrations that also capture “that one sad guy” who’s really bummed that he wasn’t on the team that scored.

Just dejected faces, slumped shoulders and kicking-a-rock-down-alley-with-hands-in-pockets style reactions.

The captions are great too, a lot of “fine guys, whatever, I didn’t want to be invited anyway” type of stuff.

You can follow the site on twitter for your latest updates too.

I don’t know exactly why I find this so fantastic. Probably because it is.

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  1. Classic. But the site is missing the definitive “sad guy” – the sad guy against whom all other sad guys must be measured.

    In the photo seconds after “Henderson has scored for Canada…” in 1972, we got everything great about hockey – the celebration and, of course, the sad guy.

    Can’t find the perfectly cropped shot – the one with Henderson/Cournoyer and “the sad guy”, but this is the shot:

    • Firestorm, if you don’t mind, I will take your suggestion. If you find a better image, feel free to send it along. I’ll look too. Vintage Hockey posts aren’t meant to be humorous – I do them for my own education. But we all know that they’re still kind of funny.

  2. That site is GOLD! Page 2. ” I will ninja kick the sh*% outta you” has had me laughing all afternoon

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