Shown: Gaustad taking a(nother) shot at the Canadiens

In today’s episode of the Backhand Shelf Podcast, Pizzo and I discussed a solid array of topics, and I felt particularly energetic so I probably talk a lot. We touched on Crosby’s constantly changing injury, Ray Ferraro making fun of Dion Phaneuf when he thought his mic was off, Paul Gaustad chirping Pacioretty with a “where’s Chara?” beak, we continued with “Wagering Wednesdays,” and also talked about some interesting stats from the NHL so far this season.

You can listen to it here:

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  1. just to clear up what actually happened with the ferraro incident. it was backfeed. I was watching the game on nhl gamecentre and instead of it blacking out the commercials, anyone watching the toronto feed could hear the backfeed throughout the game. THIS WAS NOT ON LIVE TV! It was clearly the mistake of to not blockout the feed.

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