As you probably know, the Super Bowl is this weekend, and as always, the commercials will play a huge part. There’s this hilarious Jerry Seinfeld ad for Acura, there’s this horrible “Ferris Bueller” ad for Honda, and there are a host of other ones that have been released early for reasons I don’t quite understand.

It makes sense that different commercials are made for Canada and the US, as you’re playing to two groups of people who are inspired by different things. And, it’s no secret that in Canada, we’re pretty easily inspired by the game of hockey. For most of us, it’s a big part of who we are.

Well, Budweiser is a smart company, and they decided to appeal to that chunk of our fabric as Canadians for their Super Bowl ad.

You rec leaguers (Rob Pizzo specifically) out there will love this.

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  1. That would be the time of my life. Heck, I think everyone on my team would backcheck with that much people in the crowd.

  2. Wow. Just. Wow.
    Thanks for posting so us ex-pats down in the US could see it.

  3. I know it’s a commercial, done for the money, blahblahblah, but — what a gift for those players. That must have been just magic for them.

  4. Speaking of bush league, this concept was stolen. And ruined buy the King of Shit Beer. Is anyone there manning the internetz?

    • Yeah, giving a bunch of amateur players the thrill of a lifetime should only be done once, and never by a corporation.

      Really, are you going to be a hipster about doing something really cool for a bunch of older rec leaguers? DId you leave your soul in your other pants?

  5. Im sure Pizzo is feeling mighty loathsome right now!

  6. Two words from Phoenix: “Goose” and “Bumps!” Oh and a third, “wow!:

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