Aside: Not his finest mask

The year was 2003 and J.S. Giguere was about to embark on the most outrageous playoff run I’ve ever seen from a goaltender – last year’s Tim Thomas effort included – which included the most outrageous series I’ve ever seen from a goaltender. Against the Minnesota Wild, Giguere almost single-handedly swept the Wild as the Ducks continued their Cinderella run which eventually ended against the New Jersey Devils in the Cup finals. I say almost single-handedly because he didn’t score any goals. Had he scored goals, he would have single-handedly topped the Wild because Giguere only allowed one goal FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES. This included roughly 218 straight minutes of shutout hockey. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

Basically the Minnesota Wild ought to hate Giguere. Sure, he hasn’t been invincible against them, but he adds enough ludicrousness to his resume with the Wild as the opposition of record to make them really, really mad about it. He added to that CV tonight with this really impressive glove save against Cal Clutterbuck.

Check it out.

Giguere lost this game by a 1-0 score. Maybe Giggy wouldn’t have destroyed the Wild in ’03 if Niklas Backstrom was there to match him save for save. The goalie Backstrom – as opposed to the forward Backstrom – stopped all 37 shots he took tonight, topping Giguere’s total of 20/21. Offences need not apply.