Apparently, the clock in Los Angeles does have a nasty habit of sticking late in the third period at the STAPLES Center.

This doesn’t help us determine if it’s clock error or timekeeper-related, but it does help us know this: that wasn’t the first time the clock found itself “sticky” late in the game. Verrrrry interesting.

Stick-tap to @Majupra and redditor thebluefork (Reddit post here).

Maybe Dean Lombardi was right?

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  1. Does it only stop when the kings are in the offensive zone? Because if so….

    • As the creator of the video above,this wasn’t the only time, but the most obvious. I looked through about five games, and there are moments in each where the clock freezes the starts again as well

      • hi. curious about the Jan. 21 Kings-Colorado video. how did you find it? and the close up of the clock–how did you find that? thanks.

  2. This is not the official game clock, however. It might be synced to it, but that does introduce another variable into the equation.

  3. Does it not happen late in other periods, or just at any point during the game? I swear I see this phenomenon on television all the time. I just thought it was the broadcast, but hearing people say that it is tied directly to the clock in the venue makes me wonder…

  4. ^Even if it just happens late in games, it could just be a coincidence. Like in that LA-Colorado video there, when the clock stopped, the play was in the corner both times. Unless they were planning to stop the clock for a good 3-5 seconds, there’s no way that the clock stopping there would have had an effect on the outcome on the game. Not to mention, they are down two goals, and not one like in the LA-Columbus game.

    But yeah, as you mentioned, the clock on the broadcasts are connected to the game clock. I believe it only malfunctions like it does, when play is in the final minute because it also counts the milliseconds, which means as Lombardi was saying- It could be working too fast for the clock to keep up.

    That’s just an opinion though.

    • “Not to mention, they are down two goals, and not one like in the LA-Columbus game. ”

      They were tied against the Jackets.

      But, yeah, the Colorado game footage makes it out to be a more innocent thing – there was no reason for the clock to stop there.

  5. I’ve honestly seen the clock pause like this while at the arena on multiple occasions. I always thought it had to do with a time catch up of some sort. I’m on board with Dean although I think he should have left the scientific theory up to the clock professionals to explain.

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