By now I’m sure you have read numerous things about Sam Gagner’s amazing game last night. It’s not often a player puts up 8 points (hasn’t happened since Mario Lemieux did it in 1988), so he is getting all the attention he deserves. When I woke up this morning I was trying to think of a way to write about Gagner without saying the same thing everyone else was saying, and to be honest, I was stumped. He just put himself in a category with Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey! Enter the man who stood next to me as  best man at my wedding with a text message:

You have to do a blog on who holds the record for most points in a game by every team after Sam Gagner’s performance.

Excellent  suggestion Ryan.

Often when the NHL record is so famous (Darryl Sittler’s 10 point performance) , the individual franchise records don’t get enough attention. I have broken this up into three categories

“No Explanation needed”, “That’s interesting”, and “You have to be shitting me!”

You have to be shitting me

Tampa Bay Lightning-  Doug Crossman with 7 points. Crossman had a pretty good career (he was actually on the 1987 Canada Cup team with Wayne and Mario) , but this is surprising for two reasons. 1) No St Louis, Vinny, or Stamkos? 2) he was a defenceman!

Philadelphia Flyers- Tom Bladon with 8 points. Yup, another defenceman. And nowhere to be found are Hart Trophy winners like Bobby Clarke and Eric Lindros.

New York Rangers- Steve Vickers with 7 points. Vickers set this one all the way back in 1976. His career high in a season was 89 points.

Detroit Red Wings- Carl Liscombe/Don Grasso/Billy Taylor with 7 points. Let me get this straight, the Red Wings have 2 of the top 6 scorers of all time (Howe and Yzerman), and these are the three players who are tied for the record? All three of those games took place in the 1940′s. I should mention that Taylor’s game was a 7 assist game that is tied with Gretzky for the NHL record.

Colorado Avalanche- Peter and Anton Stastny with 8 points. Before you start writing a comment telling me that this is not surprising at all, take this into consideration: They were done in the same game!

Calgary Flames- Sergei Makarov with 7 points. I know the guy won a Calder Trophy, but not seeing either Theo Fleury or Jarome Iginla as the record holder just doesn’t seem right (I would have even settled for Hakan Loob)

That’s Interesting

Carolina Hurricanes- Eric Staal/Ron Francis/Paul Lawless  with 6 points. Paul Lawless? The guy had only 126 points in his entire career. That game was 4 percent of his career total.

Chicago Blackhawks-Max Bentley/Grant Mulvey with 7 points. The Blackhawks have won 8 Art Ross Trophies, and have had  some of the best scorers off all time.This one surprised me.

Montreal Canadiens- Maurice Richard/Bert Olmsted with 8 points. Obviously Rocket is not a surprise, but Bert Olmsted??

Phoenix Coyotes-Willy Lindstrom/Dale Hawerchuk/Thomas Steen/Ed Olczyk with 6 points. Willy Lindstrom had his 6 point game during a career high 59 point season, which means he had a little over 10 percent of his points in one game.

St Louis Blues- Red Berenson/Garry Unger with 7 points. Brett? Adam? Where are you??

Vancouver Canucks- Patrik Sundstrom with 7 points. This one would have been in the first category if it wasn’t for the fact that he also is tied for most points in a playoff game with 8.

Washington Capitals- Jaromir Jagr/Dino Ciccarelli with 7 points. I expected both of these names to be somewhere on this list, just not next to THIS team.

Nashville Predators-Marek Zidlicky/Dan Hamhuis/J.P Dumont with 5 points. I know the Preds havn’t been around a long time, but 5 points is your record?

Columbus Blue Jackets: Espen Knutsen/Geoff Sanderson/Andrew Cassels/David Vyborny with 5 points. See above explanation (and no Nash?)

Winnipeg Jets- Seven different players tied with 5 points. This 5 point thing is getting old.

Anaheim Ducks- Thirteen players tied with 5 points. Enough is enough.

No Explanation Needed

Boston Bruins-Bobby Orr/Phil Esposito/Cam Neely/Barry Pederson with 7 points.

Buffalo Sabres- Gilbert Perreault with 7 points.

Dallas Stars- Bobby Smith with 7 points.

Florida Panthers- Olli Jokinen with 7 points.

LA Kings- Bernie Nicholls with 8 points.

Minnesota Wild - Marian Gaborik- with 6 points (twice).

New Jersey Devils- Kirk Muller with 6 points.

NY Islanders- Bryan Trottier with 8 points.

Ottawa Senators- Daniel Alfredsson with 7 points

Pittsburgh Penguins – Mario Lemieux with 8 points (twice).

San Jose Sharks- Owen Nolan with 6 points

Toronto Maple Leafs- Darryl Sittler with 10 points (NHL Record)


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and how could we not finsih off with this

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  1. Great post Pizzo
    Was trying to look up these stats last night. Some of these players are a complete shock.

  2. Thanks Mark. I agree with the shock, even as I did the research I ACTUALLY said out loud “You have to be shitting me”

  3. A small correction – it looks like Jokinen’s Panthers record is only six points – 2 g and 4 a against Mike Dunham and the Islanders, March 17, 2007. This was very shortly after the Isles obtained Ryan Smyth , and both he and Mike Sillinger went for 2 and 2 against Eddie Belfour.

    That paragraph explains just about everything about the 2007 Islanders and 2007 Panthers.

    Now, the only reason I know this (besides being an Isles fan) is that I play a lot of Eastside Hockey Manager, and my franchise, picked at random, is the Panthers – and in the game franchise, no Panther has ever topped five points. So seven seemed high to me, and a quick search confirmed it. (FTR, I thought that one of those five-pointers was the Iles game, as I remember former Islander Jokinen having a huge night against them.)

  4. I think we need quite a bit of explanation for Bernie Nicholls in 1989. :)

    Besides, the Kings have had Dionne and Gretzky for significant periods of time – yet BERNIE FREAKING NICHOLLS is the record-holder?

  5. Great list… Very interesting 1 small change
    Patrik Sundstrom had 8 pts in a playoff game for New Jersey vs. Washington. 4/22/1988
    I know cause I was at the game. Your list may be for Regular season only, though.

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