A hunter gets ready to strike

Alright millionaire, how good does it feel to have put money down on SAM GAGNER of the EDMONTON OILERS having EIGHT POINTS against the CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS? What? Nobody had picked SAM GAGNER to finish the night with EIGHT POINTS against the CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS and tie WAYNE GRETZKY and PAUL COFFEY’S franchise record? Go figure.

On a serious note, that is really, really special. It has only happened 16 times in NHL history to 13 different players. You may recognize a few of the names on the list: Maurice Richard, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux. Only one guy has scored more than eight points in a game and that was Darryl Sittler in 1976 when he potted 10 points against the Boston Bruins. It hasn’t been done in the NHL since 1989 when Super Mario did it. Let’s also not forget this list is more or less a compilation of guys who are in the Hall of Fame (a few exceptions) because you have to be spectacular to pull it off.

Basically I’m giving you this history lesson because what Gagner did is SUPER COOL. The Blackhawks part is also a cool twist. Why?

Here’s a cool picture that sums this all up perfectly.

Basically Sam Gagner has now immortalized his name with some of the greatest people to ever wear a pair of skates or a jersey regardless of the context of his season or career.

Here are his four goals and record tying point.


Be prepared to be telling your kids and grandkids about the night Sam Gagner had eight points against the Blackhawks because the puck that tied it will be in the Hall of Fame by Monday. In a season filled with an overwhelming amount of controversy, this is just what the NHL needed. Take a bow, Sam. That was spectacular.

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