Puckhandling takes focus; Physical oblideration does not

We’ve had some fantastic hits in this NHL season. Niklas Kronwall has been very lively, Dion Phaneuf has yielded wows from his father (among others), PK Subban is a physical, polarizing force as usual. Despite a bevvy of contenders, Brooks Orpik may have put them all to shame with an earth shattering jolt into the body of Daniel Paille earlier today.

They call it a suicide pass for a reason and Paille found out why. Once he took a floating outlet pass from his own end, it was pretty much all over from there as Paille crossed the train tracks which are inhabited by a man wearing 44. What ensued is described best as “physics” as he went flying through the air, soaring parallel with the ice, and coming to the ground with a crashing thud. Debris littered the ice in the form of his stick.

Take a look:

Kudos to two parties on this one:
1) Daniel Paille for getting up and skating if off like a boss. Seriously, I didn’t expect him to make it.
2) The Boston Bruins for not fighting Orpik and actually respecting the fact he put a nice hit on their teammate.

Dear NHL,
More of this, please.