Older brother Schenn probably would have fared better

Every so often a fight will happen that makes you wonder “how the heck did that happen?” Seriously, peruse the archives of hockeyfights.com and you’ll find some seriously bizarre fights.

Today we had one of those as Brayden Schenn duked it out with Ilya Kovalchuk. To the surprise of many, Kovalchuk threw down and more or less knocked Schenn out, but more on that in a moment. As I indicated in the caption, I can’t help but think Luke would have made out a little better against Kovalchuk.

In the world of regular tough customers, Brian McGrattan (now of the Predators, for those who lost track after Ottawa) took on Ryan Reaves of the St. Louis Blues in a massive heavyweight tilt. Sure it was the scripted kind that is more or less no fun from a hockey perspective, but it was entertaining.

Let’s take a look at the scraps.

First up is Ilya/Brayden:

Now for your consideration is McGrattan/Reaves:

I’m going to give the edge here to Kovalchuk/Schenn because it is more novel than the McGrattan/Reaves scrap and Kovie actually landed a pretty good shot there. Some folks were STUNNED that Kovalchuk could land a KO blow on Schenn, but let’s not forget that Kovalchuk is actually a very big and strong dude. This size and strength leads to him scoring a lot of goals. It also translates into big punches when fighting people who were, up until recently, teenagers.

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  1. Swinging haymakers like Kovalchuk was if I’m Lamoriello I’m scared shitless that he’s going to break his hand hitting Schenn’s padding.

  2. Well, Schenn did ditch the lid/visor, which I think it what causes most hand breaks, but still, yeah, it’d be gross for the Devs if he got hurt fighting.

  3. i give this to kovalchuk, the was simply one of the nastiest punches i have ever seen to the face in a fight, at least in the last half decade, maybe more!

  4. kovy dirty’d Schenn, I guess not all goal scorer’s can’t fight..

    As far as the heavy’s Big Ern got cut badly, and Reaver’s went untouched via what his face looked like after the game.. I’d have to give that tilt to Reaver’s, especially since that wasn’t a staged fight.. Big Ern was running around chasing player’s, and Reave’s wanted to go with him earlier in the period, but I think Reaves had the fresher shift..

  5. Schenn got thrown around like a rag doll.

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