College hockey fans are to hockey what hockey fans are to other sports.

They feel slighted, like some niche group that isn’t worthy.

They feel like people think all good NHL players come from major junior, and gosh darnit, if they’d just pay attention, they’d see how great their niche is. Because of that, they’re quick to bring up the alma mater of every NHL player who’s worth their salt.

After a Sabres’ goal: “That Tomas Vanek was a University of Minnesota Golden Gopher, don’tchaknow.”

Or maybe they’re more like Canadians – we can’t listen to a single awful song by one of our musical exports without telling our American friend “Did you know Bieber’s Canadian?”

Anyway, for those of you who fit into that college hockey niche, now you can be more informed than ever. Here’s your opportunity to find out every name with college hockey roots on every single NHL team, and more.

College Hockey Inc. launched this page today. You simply select the two team names that are playing that night (or any night) under the headings ”Team One and Team Two” and voila – you have the names of the players, staff, players in the minors and the college draft picks for each organization. On top of that, each name comes with a few tidbits of information about their college career and their transition to the bigs.

Now when you feel the need to heap college hockey knowledge on unintested listeners, you’ll have more ammo than you’ll ever need. “Did you know Mike Mottau went to Boston College?” (…Not only did I not know that, but I also didn’t know he won the Hobey Baker in 2000. See? It’s a great site.)

(Stick-tap to @twolinepass for linking me to the site.)

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  1. Knew about Mike Mottau because Doc used to mention it every time they were in Boston. Doc is good about mentioning that sort of thing.

  2. Cool stuff, but a quick look at the Oilers page, and it seems there are some… irregularities.

    “29 – Andy Sutton – Michigan Tech (1998-2001) … Holds UNH records for single-season (1.84) and career (2.18) GAA”

    “10 – Shawn Horcoff – Michigan State (1996-2000) … Teammates: …, Corey Potter…”
    “41 – Corey Potter – Michigan State (2002-06)”

    Pretty cool feature for fans, but looks like there are still some small bugs to work out.

  3. “College hockey fans are to hockey what hockey fans are to other sports.”
    First there was tears of laughter, then there was just tears.

  4. Try following ECAC teams.

  5. We sent a few more interesting tidbits about my fellow Alum’s, to Paul Kelly and his staff in regards to interesting tidbits, as many Fighting Sioux Alum’s I felt were “shafted”…

    I enjoy my numerous talks with uneducated fans of the Major Junior leaue.. Bourney you of all people should/would understand the HUGE difference in competition b/w a D-1 Powerhouse and the best teams in Major Juniors… (That’s why I always laugh when people act like playing against 16-19 year olds helps develop better players for the NHL, versus playing against MEN in the NCAA)

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