I consider myself a fan of all sports; football, basketball, baseball, I love watching them all. But in the end it always comes back to hockey. It’s just the way my brain is wired, regardless of the sport I am watching, I am always trying to think of the hockey equivalent. I did just that yesterday during the Super Bowl. So many story lines, means there HAS to be some hockey parallels.

Giants become first team to win Super Bowl with under 10 wins in regular season (9-7)

That’s a 56 percent winning percentage. Since there is now the shootout in the NHL to break ties, we have to go back to 1997 to find the last comparable champion . The Red Wings won just 38 games that season, that’s a winning percentage of 46 percent. Luckily they picked up 18 ties as well to help them finish 3rd in the West.

Giants win 2 Super Bowls in 5 years

In a time where we are always looking for a dynasty, this might be the closest we have in the NFL right now (and no I’m NOT calling the Giants a dynasty). Again we need to go back to the Red Wings. Three Cups in 6 years between 1997-2002. Since then, we have seen 8 different champions.

Tom Coughlin becomes oldest coach to win Super Bowl

Tom Coughlin: 65 years old, Scotty Bowman: 68 years old. Yup, for the 3rd time I have to bring up the Red Wings. Bowman won that cup in 2002, threw on skates to celebrate, and promptly retired right after. It was the 9th cup for Bowman as a coach.

Little Manning: 2 rings . Older Manning: 1 ring.

First off, everyone needs to relax with the whole “Is Eli better than Peyton?” discussion, just needed to get that out of my system. I compare this to the Staals. Eric was the first to win the cup as he did it with Carolina in ’06. Jordan followed that up with a win in ’09. They were tied at one and comparisons started. Could Marc get in on the conversation this year?

Giants beat the Pats in the Super Bowl….again!

The word “revenge” was uttered quite a few times over the last 2 weeks, but Brady and the Pats couldn’t do it. The last time an NHL team beat the same team in 2 straight finals match-ups…The Oilers over the Bruins. Edmonton  beat Boston in 1988 in a sweep, then again in 1990 (the famous “see, we CAN win without Wayne” Cup).

Bill Belichick looses last two trips to the Super Bowl

I know, it’s hard to feel bad for a coach who has multiple rings and is often called a genius. The last NHL coach to lose multiple trips to the finals without a win in between was Mike Keenen. He lost with the Flyers in ‘85 AND in ‘87, then the Blackhawks in ’92. He finally got over the hump with the Rangers in 1994.

Madonna lip syncs at halftime

This one was tough to find an actual parallel, but I did find a 6-degrees connection. Mark Messier won the Cup in 1994 with the Rangers, Messier dated Madonna, and the lips part…well that is between them.


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