Two teams in the NHL this year are definitely proving that there is no place like home. Unfortunately, they are also proving that Willie Nelson’s “On the road again” is a song that they absolutely hate. The two teams I am talking about are the Detroit Red Wings and the St Louis Blues. Both teams have been almost unbeatable on their home ice, both have less than stellar records on the road, and they are separated by just 5 points in the standings. I want to focus on their play at home because it warrants a comparison. No other team in the NHL is really even close to the Red Wings and Blues, so the question is, who is the better home team?


The Detroit Red Wings have the 6th best offense overall in the league with 3.07 goals per game, at home that number jumps to 3.82, good for first in the league. They are tied for the least amount of home games played in the NHL, yet have the 3rd most total goals. The Blues on the other hand don’t really score…well…anywhere. They average 2.83 goals per game in St Louis, which sits them in 17th. Winner: Red Wings


There are 4 teams in the NHL that allow an average of under 2 goals per game, The Rangers, Kings and the two teams we are presently talking about. The St Louis Blues have the best home defense in the NHL and have had that “problem” of really not having a clear cut starting goaltender, and it seems to be working. Jaroslav Halak has 17 home starts, Brian Elliott has 12, which has equaled out to 1.65 goals allowed a game. Jimmy Howard has had a great season, but that tandem has been great at home. Winner: Blues

Leading Scorer

Pavel Datsyuk leads the Red Wings with 54 points, 28 at home and 26 on the road. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a good thing to see your best player producing almost the same numbers regardless of location. However, we are trying to figure out who is the better home team. David Backes has scored 25 of his 37 points on home ice, that’s 68 percent. Winner: Blues


The Blues have had 5 difference home winning streaks of at least 3 games. The Red Wings have won 17 in a row at the Joe and are now 3 wins away from matching the NHL record. Winner: Red Wings


But it all comes down to “W”s. The Blues have 22 home wins (most in the NHL) , but they have played 29 games. The Red Wings have 2 less wins, but have done it in just 23 games for a winning percentage of 87 percent. That’s impressive and it gives the Red Wings the overall win in this discussion. However, as impressive as both teams have been this year, I don’t think the record books will be altered in any way. The ‘76 Flyers and ‘96 Red Wings had 36 wins at home. This year’s Red Wings would need 16 wins over the final 18 home games just to match it. So no record, but definitely impressive home seasons for both teams

Overall winner: Red Wings


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