theScore’s video team was inspired by Ilya Kovalchuk knocking Brayden Schenn to his knees this weekend, and because of that, savages like myself were given a gift. For whatever reason, I find fights between offensive-minded point-getters endlessly entertaining.

This is the Top 10 NHL Non-Fighter Fights – Gretzky’s “fight” didn’t quite crack the list because, y’know, it was relatively awful. But the rest of these…not too shabby for guys whose hands are best used to do something else.

Starting at 10 and working our way down….enjoy.

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  1. Still love that Roy-Osgood one. “Keep hitting me with your fist, I’ll just flail my jersey at you!!!”

  2. Video isnt accessible from Europe? :(

  3. It Matt Cooke considered a fighter. Would love to see when Kane KO’d him

  4. How could they miss Semin vs. Staal?

  5. They missed Felix Potvin vs. Ron Hextall. Potvin got him good.

  6. Um, I can’t watch the video from DC? :|

  7. Iginla-Guerin hands down deserves no. 1, but I would’ve given Comrie a little more credit, maybe a no.7 or 8 for the simple fact that such a relatively tiny guy hung in there. The guy was visibly wasted by the end of it, yet he still hung on enough to see the final round.

  8. That’s strange,,, the video won’t play. It says it “can’t load in my current location.”

  9. Ya i am in the UK and cant watch it

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