"HAHAHA" - Jets players, above

In a year that has had sprinkles of bad goals from far away (*cough* Craig Anderson), Dustin Byfuglien chose to victimize a team that has fallen victim to pretty poor goaltending all season long (*cough* Vokoun and Neuvirth) in Washington.

With a crucial two points on the line that could potentially dictate the future of the division the NHL would love to pretend never existed (Southeast), Tomas Vokoun let in the one goal he absolutely could not let in tonight. He let in a slapshot from Byfuglien. From center ice. To tie the game. Sure, it was a bit of a screwball, but honestly.

I’m still clinging to my gut feeling that the Capitals are a team to be afraid of in the East – especially now that they’re buried under the radar – but goals like this are making it really hard to stick to my guns.

View at your own discretion.

I thought that the Caps solved a lot of their goalie woes when they got Vokoun on discount but it looks like they may have to go back to the drawing board come July 1st.