He didn't score the goal they're celebrating

Everyone lives a good underdog story, but this isn’t one of those. Rumors had broke a little after 9:00 pm that Scott Gomez had broken his infamous scoring drought. Confused and alarmed by these rumors, I checked in with trusted sources close to the Montreal/Gomez situation who confirmed this. I was puzzled.

I started to think back to what has changed since the last time someone told me, “Hey, Scott Gomez scored.” A lot has changed. For one thing, I’m no longer a university student and have since made the transformation into ‘guy with a degree in a subject nobody cares about’. Overseas was a shocking weekend in the world of soccer as I’m sure our friends at The Footy Blog would tell you as Man U dropped a game to Wolves and Arsenal lost to Newcastle.

In less shocking hockey news, Bruce Boudreau was stressing the need for Washington consistency, the Leafs lost a game in Buffalo, and Pekka Rinne earned a shutout.

In terms of shocking hockey news, the Atlanta Thrashers were a thing, Rob Schremp was in the NHL and actually scored semi-clutch goal(s), and Scott Gomez scored a game winner.

Oh, I guess that’s why we’re here. Take a look:

To think, assuming I’m not unceremoniously canned before then, when I write this blog post next year I’ll have this blogpost as a point of reference which will make it much easier then.

See you next year, Scott. I look forward to the memories I’ll make between now and then.

Oh, by the way not that it matters or anything but: Max Pacioretty had a hat trick tonight.