The goal went better than the fight

Scott Hartnell is a pretty lovable guy as we all learned over the all-star break. He’s just got a goofy demeanor about him that can only be found in a person that creates a charity based on how many times he falls over in a season. Frankly, I’m surprised Colby Armstrong didn’t beat him to it.

At any rate, Hartnell is having a renaissance of sorts this year as he scored his 26th goal tonight, putting him four goals back of his career high. Not only that, but he put the wraps on a Gordie Howe hat trick tonight, hitting the scoresheet for an assist and a scrap to boot. The fun part is, he did the goal and fight at pretty much the same time.

“Suck it, Phaneuf.”

On an equally fun Hartnell note, definitely check out You’ll recall he was giving his toques out at the All-Star game and it looks like a cool endeavor in general. Keep being you, Scott Hartnell.

Fun Flyers stat: