On today’s marathon episode, Pizzo and I touched on a huge number of topics, and had two guests. We discussed…

* Scott Gomez finally scoring a goal after more than a year

* Our thoughts on the Winter Classic and alumni games

* Ron Wilson saying he’d “tone it down” for 24/7

* Tim Thomas walking out on interview with an “I’m out…peace.”

* Hartnell and Phaneuf scrapping after Hartnell scores ….”Suck it, Phaneuf.”

* The trade deadline with Jesse Fuchs of theScore

* Beerability index updates with Derek Snider, as we do on Fridays

* The Red Wings could tie an NHL record for consecutive home wins

* Tortorella wants video review on all goals in the final minute

* And if you can believe it….MORE.

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (2)

  1. PIzzo says “Who makes that prediction? After a year, who makes that predicition”

    Someone who knows something about hockey maybe? :))

  2. Tim Thomas has every right to believe what he believes and not answer questions about it from hockey media. Stop asking him, it’s boring.

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