If you look closely at my contract here at The Score, it states that one of my job responsibilities is to “mock players and teams to the best of my ability when the situation arises”. Alright, it doesn’t actually say that, it’s one of those unwritten clauses that I take quite seriously (just ask any Leafs fan who listens  to The Backhand Shelf podcast). However for some reason, I have not been able to exercise this clause when it comes to Scotty Gomez. Scoring droughts suck, they suck even more when you play in Montreal, and when they longer than a year it’s downright sad. I have to admit that I have felt sorry for Gomez during that 369 day goaless period. I have never met or interviewed the man, but he just seems like he would be a nice guy, and it wasn’t like he was trying not to score. So when he scored last night I had a I want Rudy to dress in my place/Daniel Larusso’s gonna fight/Adrian we did it type feeling. All that being said, 369 days is a long friggen time! So in the nicest way possible, here are things that have happened between Scotty Gomez goals.

Between Gomez goals: Nate Dogg, Elizabeth Taylor, Randy Macho Man Savage, Joe Frazier and Steve Jobs all passed away.

Between Gomez goals: Prince William married Kate Middleton. Not sure if Gomez got up bright and early to watch the wedding or not, but I’m sure he was a bit jealous because he knew that the Prince would probably score that night (in a very proper Royal type way at least).

Between Gomez Goals: Charlie Sheen went from being known as a drug abusing hardcore partying actor, to a CRAZY drug abusing, hardcore partying out of work actor. #winning

Between Gomez goals: Kim Kardashain and Kris Humphries got married and divorced (ok, to be fair that one only took 72 days. There are a ton of players in the NHL who have gone 72 days without scoring. Although I’m sure they shoot on their own net when they are home by themselves)

Between Gomez goals: Barack Obama scores a goal of his own, announcing that Osama bin Laden has been killed.

In Hockey…

Between Gomez goals: Sidney Crosby played a grand total of 8 games.

Between Gomez goals: Between Colin Campbell and Brendan Shanahan,  221 games in suspensions have been handed out.

Between Gomez goals: The Thrashers are no more, and The Jets 2.0 are born

Between Gomez goals: Peter Forsberg made a comeback, played 2 games, then retired. Gomez had to be happy that he didn’t score in those two games

Between Gomez goals: The Backhand Shelf Blog and podcast are born


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and how could I not end with this video???