Today’s show is unofficially titled “Earmuffs.”

As with all Mondays, today includes our usual features – “Jackie” with Jackie Redmond, and power rankings – but it goes beyond that too. It goes beyond that in the sense that as soon as I post this, I have to call my mother to tell her not to listen today, as the stories Jackie brought us were both hilarious and maybe sorta kinda vulgar.

Beyond that, we discussed:

* Yes, the Red Wings have won 20(!) straight games at home, tying an NHL record. But should it have an asterisk?

* The Washington Capitals (9th in East) and Chicago Blackhawks (eight straight losses) are both relatively terrible right now. Who’s worse? And…what the hell is going on?

* Having a pre-game ceremony isn’t necessarily a plus for the home team. Right, Toronto?

* Who’s the front-runner for the Hart Trophy, Malkin or Lundqvist?

* You might want to follow ex-NHLer Jeff O’Neill on twitter

* And as always, much, much more.

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