If you could distill hockey down to its pure essence and pour it into a video, the one at the bottom of this post is what you’d get. And, the fact that The Tragically Hip’s “Wheat Kings” adds an extra element of Canadiana seems sort of fitting in that regard.

It was uploaded to Youtube in October, but being that I just found it and think it’s wonderful, I felt the need to run it today. The video explained:

Every January a group of friends go from the city to 8 hours north, to Green Lake, BC, Canada. Their mission, to build a full size hockey rink from the frozen lake and make hockey happen.

It takes several trips up north to prep the ice for this week. A snowplow scrapes the surface, and when it’s cold enough, the ice is flooded to smooth the surface. Even though the ice is softer and more susceptible to damage, the backdrop of a wide open space and crisp air is undeniably one of the best feelings in the world. I can’t wait for next January.

Here’s ”Make Hockey Happen,” uploaded by driftwoodfilm.

Now that’s for the love of the game.