There is a reason they call it home ice advantage, there is no place like home and the Red Wings are proving just that. They have won 20 straight games at The Joe to match the record set by the 1930 Bruins, and the 1976 Flyers, and tonight they look to take the record all to themselves when they play host to Dallas. This is a pretty impressive record, and before you sit down tonight to possibly watch history be made, let’s look at what the Bruins, Flyers and Red Wings have done thus far.


The Red Wings have scored 81 goals during their home streak for an average of 4.05 per game, impressive numbers seeing as the best offensive team in the league averages 3.36 goals a game. However those number pale in comparison to their predecessors. The Bruins scored 97 goals for an average of 4.85, and the Flyers bettered that finding the back of the net 106 times for an average of 5.30.

Goals Allowed

The Red wings have a slight edge in this department allowing just 30 goals during the streak for an average of 1.50 goals per game. Both the Bruins and the Flyers allowed 33 during their streaks. Jimmy Howard has been a big reason for this low number. He has been between the pipes for 17 of the 20 games and posted 4 shutouts.

Should the record really be 20 games?

Both the Bruins and the Flyers did not have their home winning streak snapped that season with a home loss, they simply ran out of season. The Flyers lost their home opener the next year but the Bruins beat the New York Americans and the Montreal Canadiens. Streaks don’t carry over in hockey (why, I still don’t know), but if they did, the record would be 22.


If you are a Red Wings fan who believes that history repeats itself, the good news is both the Bruins and the Flyers went to the Stanley Cup finals. The bad news, the both lost. To add insult to injury, they were both swept.

Rule Changes

A lot has been made about the Red Wings record being “tainted” because the other two teams did not have the benefit of a shootout to win their games. While I don’t agree (if this were the case, you would pretty much need to put an asterisk next to ever NHL record that ever existed) , it’s a point a lot of people are discussing. Take this into consideration, the year the Bruins set their record: The ice surface was expanded to 200 feet x 65 feet, Off-side was implemented, and players were now allowed forward passing in the offensive zone (lucky them!) . All rules that were not around in previous years, should the Bruins record be saddled with an “*“? I think not.


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