"Ahhh why are you all skating towards meeeeee"

The headline says it all.

Every year Sports Illustrated asks somewhere around 150 NHL players to answer a number of questions (145 this season), then slowly, painstakingly releases the results over the course of the season. I want all the results, dammit!

I wrote about another poll earlier in the season when Dion Phaneuf was voted as the most overrated player in the NHL.

Man, maybe guys just really hate the Leafs?

Kessel came in with 15% of the vote, and was followed by the Sedin Twins (yes, both) at 8%, Alexander Semin with 7%, Patrick Kane with 3%, and Ilya Kovalchuk also with 3%. That last one….surprises me. Maybe not so much now that he won his last tilt by KO?

SI notes:

Identical twins Daniel and Henrik Sedin of the Canucks received votes as a pair as well as individually: Alone, Hendrik finished tied for sixth in the voting (3%) and Daniel tied for 17th (1%)…. No defenseman received more than a single vote…. Goaltenders Roberto Luongo of the Canucks and Mike Smith of the Coyotes were the only two players at their position who received votes.

Wait – who randomly voted for Mike Smith? Actually, double wait – who thought Mike Smith fell under the umbrella of “star?”

This is an interesting category, it’s a whole other ball of wax when you’re pretty sure that the guy you’re lined up across from is scared of you. That’s just fun.

We’ll be staying tuned for the results of the opposite poll. Gotta believe Zdeno Chara is somewhere on the least of players that are most difficult to intimidate.