Niklas Kronwall has developed something of a reputation for himself. That happens when you do the same thing over and over and over – people miraculously manage to sniff out the trend.

But even though he’s earned this reputation, it doesn’t seem like it’s changed the behaviour of right wingers around the NHL when he’s on the ice. He’s still mowing them over like so many bowling pins on a fairly regular basis.

Regardless of whether you think the big hits are clean or not (as a general rule they almost all are), I think you’ll find this compilation rather enjoyable.

For you, the 10 best hits of Niklas Kronwall’s career.

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  1. watch out for Lambert trolling!

  2. Too bad the Selanne hit wasn’t on there.


  4. Cue @twolinepass in 5..4…3….2…1…. Oh wait he’s already at it on Twitter. Apparently Ryan has never seen two cars in a head on crash test. What happens to the rear wheels of those vehicles. Yep, they come off the ground.

    Physics makes it nearly impossible for 55 to keep both skates on the ice through the completion of the check due to Kronwall and the skater both being in motion.

  5. kronwall definitely jumps into kesler, there’s no way around it.

    • Look another Kesler lover. I have no issues with anyone running him down witha clean hit . If he doesn’t like it he should put his other skates on . You know the ones with toepicks . And skate around like a broad

  6. If you watch every hit like that he has made in his career, you’ll notice that he does not leave his feet until he makes contact with the player he’s hitting. That is why he never gets a penalty for these hits.

  7. Oh I forgot, Go Wings!!!!!

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