The face of a highly sought after talent...

More topics are discussed than the “King Gamblor” thing, but I figured I should title the post with what I thought was the obvious highlight of the show.

Pizzo and I had a lot to talk about this Wednesday, including…

* Rick Nash Rick Nash Rick Nash dogs and cats living together craziness

* When does the Red Wings home win streak (21!) end?

* Scott Gomez got in a shouting match with an assistant coach – good or bad thing?

* Wagering Wednesdays – who we’re betting on tonight

* Phil Kessel is the NHL’s easiest player to intimidate – do you make anything of that?

* And as always, much more.

You can listen to it here:

Download it here, and subscribe on iTunes here. Oh, and a big thanks to iTunes for the promo this week. We got the nod under the “What’s Hot” tab in the podcast section this week (I assume just in Canada).

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  1. Great show as always- couple of quick thoughts:

    If it was St Louis not the Wings with the record, they don’t get nearly as much press (or blowback). Plus, Montreal is clearly the Yankees/Lakers/Cowboys of the NHL.

    I would imagine much of the thought process behind the Sedins being intimidatable (I’m going to say that’s not a word) was their combined -12 (-8 in game seven!!) during a Cup finals where the likes of Brad Marchand pushed them around.

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