Facebook is apparently one of the big news sources for Backhand Shelf these days. This time, a fake account!

A link to “Linus Omark’s Facebook page” was shared on Twitter earlier today that got people (me included) all worked up. It read like this:

“Sad to see Hemsky go, but hopefully I can move back up now.” …Whoa. Now that’s some story right there.

And, with 11,000+ likes, you could see how it could be perceived as legit. After all, he’s just a minor leaguer, right?

But it’s okay everyone – if you saw that, you can callllm down. As it turns out, @mc79hockey shared that Derek Zona of the great Oilers blog Copper and Blue has confirmed it to be a fake. The would like to direct you to Omark’s real page, here. See? No Hemsky trade (yet).

So my only reason to post this was to ask the questions: What the bananas is wrong with people? Who creates a fake account three years ago, then suddenly decides to try to do something interesting? And who creates a fake FACEBOOK account to begin with? And why does this page have so many likes?

I’m just glad it’s not true. I agree with Lambert from this morning – the Oilers should re-sign Hemsky.