Technology: it’s a wonderful thing.

As a hockey blogger who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s not exactly easy to find co-workers. But thanks to the wonderful people at theScore, I’m now able to stay connected.

They recently sent me this fancy camera thingy, so Rob Pizzo and I are going to do a video spot for you every Tuesday. Eventually, it’ll be a 30 minute vodcast ala The Basketball Jones crew, and will include a “5-on-5″ segment where we answer five questions that listeners/readers/watchers ask us on Twitter (use the hashtag #5on5) in five minutes.

Since this was our first crack at it, we just did the 5-on-5 segment (and missed the whole “five minute” thing by being a solid 90 seconds on the short end) which you can watch below.

On whether you’d rather have Rick Nash or Alex Ovechkin, whether the Wings streak needs an asterisk, Whitney Houston’s funeral at the Prudential Center, and a couple other things. Feel free to let us know what you think.

(And no, we didn’t call each other to coordinate outfits. Plaid!)