Not that long ago, Brad Marchand was suspended five games for this clip on Sami Salo.

What sucked about it for me, was that I felt as though he didn’t need to do it. I didn’t think it was in self-defense (contrary to the persepective of a few Boston writers), which is easily demonstrated by watching the last time those two guys came together during a similar play and threw legit bodychecks….10 seconds earlier.

This “clip” on Alexei Emelin wasn’t nearly as bad (if a clip at all), but it is yet another case of Marchand playing duck, duck, goose.

What’s your call – is this another suspendable clip for a guy who would qualify as a “repeat offender,” or is this just a reputation call? Hell, is it even a penalty?

(Start video at the 50 second mark, and make sure you stay tuned through the Marchand/PK Subban stuff that follows it.)

I say throw a fine at him to make sure it goes on his rap sheet, but don’t give him any games.

Oh, and I also say Marchand get a bell on PK Subban – that dude has his number.


Update: Here’s a closer look at the clip:

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  1. another clipping.

    Typicall Marchand stuff. Even later in the game, he ducked when Subban came for a hit.

    Marchand may be the new Matt cooke of the league.

    The diffrence being that Marchand does it knowing all too well that there is 5-6 tough guy in the line up to back him.

  2. I’m not a fan of the hit on Emelin, just doesn’t seem necessary for the injury risk that it brings. I’m okay with ducking under a guy taking a run at you like Subban obviously was, but when he flies in there and goes low on Emelin, it just seems like a dirty play.

  3. at least emilin saw it coming which one can’t say for salo; however, a shouldering into the boards would have been much more appropriate on marchand’s part.

  4. wait a second 1st per emelins dirty hit on thornton case solved..we all say cheap dirty marchand poor habs and leaf fans youd love to see marchand on either the two teams. the leafs will win the cup when theres only one team in nhl……LEAFS SUCK…..

  5. difference being Marchand wouldnt play like that for MTL or TO since there is not enough tough guy to cover his ass while Boston got 7 dumbass to do ti.

  6. Le fan: gotta love it when you hate on my team for being tough. Haha what’s worse is were faster and smarter than you’re team too. Cry me a river.

  7. Go watch Vancouver.

  8. This looks suspicious to me because he’s always driving his shoulder into guys at the thigh, or lower. If he really wanted to hip check Emelin, He could actually use his hip, not submarine him, and there would be absolutely nothing to say about it except “good hit.”


  10. Somebody needs to put their stick in is face next time he comes in and ducks. Let him make the self-defense claim after he picks up a few teeth and has a gash across his face.

  11. Honestly, Marchand went a tad low, but there’s a qualifier. If you watch the height at which he goes in to hit Emelin when he lines him up its slightly above his knees, which last time I checked isn’t clipping. The only reason this is close to a penalty is because Emelin saw the hit coming and moved away, causing the hit to connect lower. Marchand, whether he intended to actually clip or not is something we can’t gauge, can’t stop his hip check in time because of the movement of Emelin.

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