Not that long ago, Brad Marchand was suspended five games for this clip on Sami Salo.

What sucked about it for me, was that I felt as though he didn’t need to do it. I didn’t think it was in self-defense (contrary to the persepective of a few Boston writers), which is easily demonstrated by watching the last time those two guys came together during a similar play and threw legit bodychecks….10 seconds earlier.

This “clip” on Alexei Emelin wasn’t nearly as bad (if a clip at all), but it is yet another case of Marchand playing duck, duck, goose.

What’s your call – is this another suspendable clip for a guy who would qualify as a “repeat offender,” or is this just a reputation call? Hell, is it even a penalty?

(Start video at the 50 second mark, and make sure you stay tuned through the Marchand/PK Subban stuff that follows it.)

I say throw a fine at him to make sure it goes on his rap sheet, but don’t give him any games.

Oh, and I also say Marchand get a bell on PK Subban – that dude has his number.


Update: Here’s a closer look at the clip: