Boston Bruins’ defenseman Andrew Ference is an interesting guy. So interesting, it seems, that National Geographic is going to feature him in a 10-part web series called “Beyond the Puck.”

You may not know this, but when Ference isn’t hammering guys into the glass, exchanging punches or winning the Stanley Cup, he’s very serious about the environment. Serious enough that environmentalist David Suzuki referred to him as an “eco-warrior.”

From National Geographic:

[H]e is not your typical hockey player.  Andrew’s an environmental activist, a Stanley Cup champion, the husband of a former professional snowboarder, and father of two girls. He rides his bike to “work” and doesn’t mind being called a tree hugger — he’s just as comfortable checking opponents on the ice as he is teaching kids about composting in elementary schools.

Inspired by his friend, environmentalist David Suzuki, Andrew has embraced an eco-friendly way of life at home and on the road. He’s achieved the ultimate victory in hockey — winning the Stanley Cup — and is ready take on the challenge of inspiring others to care about the planet.

I did not see that coming.

Take a look at the trailer for the show, then feel free to hop over to National Geographic to catch the first episode, which premieres today. (Ed. note: the video plays automatically, so if you’re at work, be sure to act like Tony Reali and get your mute on.)

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