Sometimes I get the impression that fans of the Canadiens don’t like Zdeno Chara or the rest of the Boston Bruins all that much.

The video below didn’t do much to change my thinking.

Hurray, he got hit in the face with a puck!

Classy response by Plekanec. Ridiculous reaction from whoever’s cheering.

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  1. this is why ference’s “glove malfunction” should be allowed for all visiting teams at the bell centre

  2. I will agree, it’s not a very sportsman-like response from the Montréal crowd, but I’ve seen the fans in Boston cheer when visiting team’s players are injured. Given the level of hate, it’s understandable schadenfreude at it’s best. Not admirable, but a nonetheless human trait.

  3. Boston gave Chara a standing ovation the game after he almost killed Pacioretty and cheer every time any Bruin mugs Subban. Give me a break.

  4. To be honest, I’m not sure which would garner the loudest cheers in Montreal – Chara getting his neck broken on a hit like Pacioretty or the Habs eliminating Boston from the playoffs. I’d cheer as loudly for both. Hell, I cheered to sportscenter when I saw Chara hurt his knee earlier this season.

  5. Some of the posters above are as bad as that Habs fan. Sad to see people taking joy in the pain of others.

    Sad thing is most of the homers who cheer for Chara and swear as to his nobility as a player would be the first ones to jeer him if he switched to a Habs uniform (He’s already switched intra division once).

  6. Geez you guys are dumb.

    any other player beside Cahra or AMrchand get hit in the face people wouldnt have done that.

    But Chara, with the Pacioretty incident, come on..

    What about the little bastard Marchand who, again, went at the knee with a dirty hit on emelin?

    Bruins fans are the worst, they act like baby because people where happy that Chara got caught in the face with a puck, but whenever a player is injured in boston ( whoever it is) they cheer!!!!!

  7. Boston is infinitely worse than Montreal for this. Any player on Montreal gets hurt they will cheer, even if it’s a clear hit from behind. Until the player gets up, then they will boo because he was clearly faking – even Dr. Recchi says so.

  8. It’s weird, normally I disagree with Wysh and agree with Bourne, but today must be opposite world. In the heat of the game when passions are running high, you have a gut reaction to what happens. I’ve cheered when a player goes down and then immediately felt bad about it. It bothers me the way people complain about fans not caring enough and then complain that they get too into it. Teams work extremely hard to make players accessible to fans through interviews, showing them at home, autograph signings, social media and more. You can’t ask someone to connect with a team and whole-heartedly cheer for a team without taking the positive and negative emotions that go with it.

    I remember Boston fans cheering when Mason Raymond had a fractured vertibrae and I remember when Vancouver fans cheering when Bertuzzi crushed Moore. Watch any Caps/Pens games and there’s cheering when a player goes down. Of course, there is something to be said about sportsmanlike behaviour and acting with dignity, but I bet many of the Habs fans that cheered Chara going down went home and when emotional levels returned to normal felt bad. I just don’t think this is a story, simply because it happens in every arena.

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