Last season the NHL was rocked by a scandal that saw their then head of discipline Colin Campbell having his impartiality questioned. Campbell made comments in a string of e-mails to then director of officiating Stephen Walkom, calling Marc Savard a “little fake artist”. The e-mails were leaked and many people (myself included) thought that Campbell should have been fired. You would think since he no longer holds that position and that the NHL escaped the scandal rather unscathed, that it would not happen again. We all thought wrong. Brendan Shanahan now holds that position, and in what seems like a bit of déjà vu, had an email he sent last night to commissioner Gary Bettman leaked. I unfortunately cannot tell you how the Score obtained this email.

From: Brendan Shanahan

Sent: February-15-12 2:13 am
To: The Commish
Subject: upcoming suspension

Hey Gary,

Hope this e-mail is not waking you up. I am just writing to get your approval on a suspension I am planning on handing out. I know we usually don’t do this, but not only is this a big name, but it will be the longest suspension I have handed out since taking over for Colin. I just finished writing the script for the explanation video, so the easiest way is just for me to copy and paste it. Please tell me your thoughts:

I’m Brendan Shanahan of the NHL’s Department of player safety. Wednesday night in Pittsburgh an incident occurred between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Anaheim Ducks. At 7:51 of the third period, Ducks forward Teemu Selanne came in on a partial breakaway on Penguins goalie Marc Andre Fleury. He then went to his backhand and scored what is 656th goal of his career. This is a violation of a rule I just made up: Equaling or passing any Brendan Shanahan career statistic. As you can see in the video, Selanne has an opportunity to simply dump the puck into the corner and go off for a change. Instead, he dekes Fleury and recklessly puts the puck into the net. While Fleury suffered no apparent injury on the play, it was taken into consideration that Selanne is considered a repeat offender. He has been warned by the league 655 times before.

To summarize: This was an illegal goal as Selanne equaled one of my career statistics. Selanne has been warned for 655 similar infractions in his career as it brought him closer to my career goals total. There was no apparent injury on the play.

The department of player safety has decided to suspend Teemu Selanne indefinitely so he may not pass me on the all time goals list.

What are your thoughts Gary? I think it’s more than fair. As per usually, I will get Stephan Quintal to do a French video so that Randy Cunneyworth won’t get any more flack.

Talk to you soon


***The Score also obtained a copy of Gary Bettman’s response****

From: Gary Bettman

Sent: February-15-12 2:17 am
To: Brendan Shanahan
Subject: re: upcoming suspension


Even though this may be the most ludicrous thing ever written, we will stick with league policy to support it. Look forward to seeing the videos



All I can say is wow. Two years, two heads of discipline, two e-mails scandals. Can’t wait to hear the old commish spin this one.


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