Pictures may last longer

It’s no secret now that Rick Nash may not be long for the city of Columbus. Pretty much every media outlet – incuding this, the world’s greatest hockey blog – has been speculating on where he may be playing in two weeks time.

With all of the guessing on where he may land, along with Jeff Carter and Fedor Tyutin I can’t help but ask: Should Scott Howson really be the man making these decisions?

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Howson is a lame duck GM. This was supposed to be the best Blue Jackets team in franchise history and they flopped massively. Not only are they more than likely going to draft first overall, it’s back to the drawing board from top to bottom in the organization. Obviously the struggles of the team are not squarely the fault of Howson and his staff as the Jackets had several things work against them over the course of the season. With all of that in mind however, does Howson survive the season? I can’t fathom a way that he does.

Now, call me old fashioned, but I wouldn’t leave potentially world altering decisions at my club to a guy who I know I’m going to can the first hour after the season ends. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t a slight on Howson himself, I’m sure the guy knows hockey. But we know that in 21st century sports somebody has to bite the bullet for failings this spectacular.

In fact, if I’m the Blue Jackets brass right now, I have Howson under strict orders to not do anything without top to bottom consensus at the top of the organization.

A nice comparison of situations came courtesy of theScore’s web editor extraordinaire/baseball aficionado Mr. Darren Kritzer. It’s not unlike the situation the Toronto Blue Jays found themselves in with one Roy Halladay. If you recall, the Jays were close to dealing Halladay at the trade deadline during the final season of J.P. Ricciardi’s tenure. However, since it was basically a foregone conclusion that Ricciardi would be canned at season’s end, they didn’t get anything done, Alex “The Ninja” Anthopolous was hired at season’s end and his first order of business was trading Halladay. All told, the Jays got a good haul for the Good Doctor and Anthopolous set the tone for his tenure which has seen him become widely acknowledged as an elite GM in baseball. If I’m the Columbus Blue Jackets, I’m leaving this task to my AA.

Give us your CBJ thoughts. Should Howson be trusted during his final act? I say no. Wait out the season, hire a new manager and have them make their mark. No trade clauses may be an issue down the road, but I can’t imagine that the Jackets would need to twist arms to get people out of there.

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